Bubbles N' Tidy Package
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paw pointer Southbark Blueberry Facial 

paw pointer Double Massaging Bath (using a professional shampoo selected especially for your dog's skin/coat type.)  

paw pointer Conditioner (created to moisturize both the skin and coat.) 

paw pointer Hand Fluff Dried (no cage dryers are used.)

paw pointer The 'tidy' includes complete brush-out, anal gland check, ear cleaning, nail clip, sanitary trim and pad/paw trim, as needed. 

paw pointer Finish (optional) spritz of cologne, and your choice of bows or bandana.

Bath & Tidy packages start at $38 and up, depending on size, coat type, condition and length. 


Bubbles N' Full Groom Package
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paw pointer Includes our bath & tidy above, plus the cut/style of your choice.

Please note: Prices are based on breed (including size/weight, short coat vs. long coat, and single vs. double coat) coat condition and temperment. Dogs that are professionally groomed regularly (every 3 - 8 weeks depending on breed/style) and/or brushed regularly at home will be at the lower end. Pets with excessive matting (extremely painful to brush out) will be evaluated when you arrive. We may need to start over with a shorter "smoothy" cut that will make the groom easier on your dog, as well as make brushing on a regular schedule much easier for you! 

Full grooming packages start at $55 and up, depending on size, breed specific cut, coat type, condition & length.


A la Carte 
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paw pointer Nail Trim Only $10 - $15.00 (Please call for appointment)